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Referral Program

A WIN-WIN situation for simply putting your customers and friends in touch with our company and its services!

Either have the mortgage holder contact us or we can contact them.  Use the form below to notify us of your interest in this program. It will act as your registration once we close a transaction. Or, if you'd rather, email or fax the information to or to our toll-free fax at (866) 247-7706. 

All information is kept confidential.
We do not share, sell, or distribute, collected personal information in any manner.

Yes!  I can refer customers to you.  
Please register me so I can receive my $250 referral fee.

What we can do for your customer...

We can offer a mortgage holder cash now for their mortgage note.  As a result, they don't have to collect monthly payments for their property, they can receive a lump sum of cash for their asset. The process is simple and usually takes about 30 days.

Referral Program Details:

When we buy a note from a customer that you have referred to us, you will receive a $500 referral fee, paid at closing upon the assignment of sellers interest. The check can be made to either the referring company or directly to an individual!